Enterasys Switches

Enterasys Networks is one of the pioneers in the switches and routers market since 1983.

Its range of network and security solutions is made up of a large number of technological patents applied in the telecommunications, computer and network sectors. It provides customers with an open, standards-based solution that works seamlessly in multi-manufacturer environments. This reduces costs and deployment time associated with user provisioning, video and VoIP.

They combine the flexibility and scalability of a modular switch with ‘premium’ capabilities optimized for end-of-network deployments, taking into account the range of different customer needs for connectivity at the access level.

ZOOstock has a wide range of new and used Enterasys switches and routers, refurbished and “end of life”.

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Switches Enterasys
  • SSA (S-Series)
  • ReachNXT
  • X430
  • X440-G2
  • X450-G2
  • X460-G2
  • ERS 3000 Series
  • ERS 4000 Series
  • ERS 5000 Series
  • VSP 4000 Series
  • Industrial Switches
  • Half-Duplex to Full-Duplex Converter