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Next-generation Data Center Interconnection Powered by Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Increase availability and simplify scaling and resource sharing across distributed data centers.

With DCI, interconnectivity between distributed data centers goes beyond simple network connectivity to enable high-performance, scalable architectures that allow multiple data centers to work together in unison more efficiently. DCI enables data centers to seamlessly utilize pooled IT resources across the network to meet scalability requirements.

In addition, DCI facilitates workload sharing and service mobility and enables high availability so that disaster recovery requirements can be met to achieve operational continuity. The Pluribus data center interconnection solution enables a powerful and holistic software-defined network that interoperates with existing infrastructure and spans multiple data centers connected through any existing WAN or core network.

Pluribus Networks

La solución de interconexión de centros de datos Pluribus permite una red potente y holística definida por software que interopera con la infraestructura existente y se extiende por múltiples centros de datos conectados a través de cualquier red WAN o central existente.

Next-Generation Software-Defined Data Center Interconnection

The Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric architecture has radically modernized and changed the approach to building scalable DCI architectures. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric enables building a flexible, distributed DCI deployment that enables programmable, software-defined interconnection built on top of
industry-standard Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) encapsulation technologies. Consequently, the architecture of a DCI deployment with Adaptive Cloud Fabric extends Layer 2 domains across geographically distributed locations to enable high-speed interconnect with superior scalability and significantly greater functionality than legacy approaches.

The result is greater agility, improved performance, and higher levels of resiliency while reducing operational complexity.

Core Networks Pluribus

Simple, driverless Software-Defined Architecture

Powered by the Netvisor® ONE operating system, the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric enables a powerful software-defined networking foundation that adapts to change, improves efficiency, and streamlines operations with complete interoperability with existing networks and data center infrastructure. With a unique distributed, driverless architecture, Adaptive Cloud Fabric offers automated plug-and-play operation, enabling a powerful, holistic software-defined network that interoperates with existing network infrastructure, is highly scalable, and optimized to deliver continuous availability for enterprise and mission-critical service provider environments.

The unique peer-to-peer distributed Fabric architecture eliminates the undesirable limitations and complexities of first-generation hierarchical controller-based hierarchical SDN architectures. This dramatically simplifies network topologies, eliminates unnecessary network traffic burdens generated by controller communications, and overcomes the traditional geographic limitations inherent in controller-dependent architectures.

The Fabric architecture can scale to support many thousands of ports, with multi-terabit capacity, predictable throughput, and latency, and support millions of simultaneous connections. As a result, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric can be deployed within a single data center or distributed geographically to seamlessly interconnect dozens of data centers over any existing Tier 2 or 3 core or WAN network.

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VMware Integration Extends Automation

Adaptive Cloud Fabric integrates with VMware vCenter, enabling one-touch provisioning of the network, compute, and storage services from a single management interface. Leveraging the familiar vCenter console, a virtualization administrator can orchestrate and provision network resources along with ESXi hosts and virtual machines. vSAN services are also automated, including the deployment of vSAN cluster configurations on the Fabric network without manual multicast configuration.

In addition, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric integrates with the VMware NSX Controller to automate the loading of L2 VTEP gateways directly on the switch, extending the reach of NSX virtual networks to bare metal network services and applications. This increases flexibility simplifies deployments, and reduces human touchpoints, accelerating deployment time and further
minimizing the risk of configuration errors.

Visualization Pluribus

Pluribus Networks UNUM™ Insight Analytics™

Insight Analytics is a powerful analytics module integrated within the Pluribus UNUM platform that provides the IT operations team with proactive insight into network and application performance to ensure peak operational performance and meet user experience expectations. Insight Analytics leverages Netvisor® ONE’s integrated monitoring telemetry and packet flow data sources to enable pervasive visibility across the entire network, eliminating the need for costly probes or complex overlay monitoring networks.

Flujo Pluribus Networks

Flow Analytics

AI – Flow Analytics collects network and fabric flow data over time and graphically displays the information through a variety of tools.


UNUM Insight Analytics uses a powerful distributed engine to store, filter, correlate, and visualize large amounts of data in real-time, while isolating and filtering specific flows out of millions, all in a fraction of a second.

Deployment Options

Pluribus UNUM Insight Analytics is deployed in one of two scenarios. The first is with Pluribus Netvisor switches inline to maximize capture switch telemetry for analytics, providing a complete view of the fabric, including Syslog and SNMP. Netvisor Flow or nvFlow is the technology used by Netvisor One to collect metadata and telemetry for the Insight Analytics database.

To ensure that all network and security capabilities are available everywhere and deliver the best possible experience at all edges, the SASE cloud is distributed globally across dozens of Points of Presence (PoPs). Enterprise edges connect to the nearest PoP so that all traffic is secured and optimized at the PoP and through the global backbone of PoPs to its destination.

Pluribus Netvisor
Pluribus Unum