¿Porqué ZOOstock?
  • Seguridad: Ofrecemos amplia variedad de Transceptores Ópticos, específicamente codificados para ser 100% compatibles con electrónicas del fabricante original. Todos nuestros productos cumplen MSA.
  • Garantía de por vida: Nuestros productos se fabrican con componentes de la máxima calidad para cumplir con precisión los estándares de la industria y asegurar un perfecto funcionamiento en cualquier entorno que demande las mayores exigencias.
  • Garantía de satisfacción: Si no está satisfecho puede realizar devolución de la óptica y procederemos a su sustitución inmediata o bien la devolución del importe invertido.
  • Fidelidad: No buscamos la relación puntual con el cliente sino que sea duradera y satisfactoria a largo plazo.
Why ZOOstock?
  • Security: We offer a wide variety of optical transceivers, specifically coded to be 100%
    compatible with original manufacturer electronics. All our products are MSA compliant.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our products are manufactured with the highest quality components to
    accurately meet industry standards and ensure perfect performance in any environment with
    the highest demands.
  • Satisfaction: If you are not satisfied, you can return the optics and we will either replace them
    immediately or refund the amount invested.
  • Loyalty: We do not seek a punctual relationship with the customer, but rather one that is
    long-lasting and satisfactory in the long term.
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It is an Australian company founded in Sydney that has been manufacturing Wireless & Mobile technology devices for over 35 years. Pioneers who created the first mobile router with speeds of 7.2Mbps, 21Mbps & 42 Mbps.

ZOOstock has a distribution agreement with NetComm for the marketing of its Machine to Machine (M2M) devices in EMEA.

The alliance involves logistical and technical support to ensure delivery and after-sales services. ZOOstock also offers engineering services for software development kit (SDK) tools that enable the creation of applications.

Its products cover the whole range of use and different levels of experience, from self-installing for the consumer to the installation of end devices in professional wireless networks, operating in three areas: broadband, M2M and wireless.

A world leader in Wireless CPE solutions, NetComm designs and delivers Wireless devices for the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN), currently the largest and most successful in its class.

NetComm’s Wireless M2M products are designed to withstand harsh industrial and automotive environments. A wide range of options is available to support any requirement for reliable remote connectivity and monitoring of our customers’ machines.

NetComm Wireless M2M devices are powerful industrial computers, programmable via SDK for data processing to the network in a much more efficient way in bandwidth management and reliable industrial data processing with excellent local and remote management.

NetComm works with the world’s best chipset and module manufacturers: Qualcomm and Intel.

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The NTC-100 integrates a dual technology module using standardised LTE category NB-IoT and category M1, to guarantee 4G LTE network support and provide reliable, “always on”, low speed connectivity up to 375 kbps (DL) on M1 networks and 70 kbps (DL) on NB-IoT networks.

With support for a wide range of frequency bands and regulatory compliance in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and North America, the NTC-100 is suitable for industrial IoT deployment worldwide.

The robust NTC-100 features a ruggedized industrial housing and components specifically selected to endure harsh industrial environments, including severe vibrations and extreme temperatures, to ensure reliable connectivity in the toughest remote and isolated climates.


Perfect for applications such as smart metering, vending machines or road signage.


NetcommWireless 4G WiFi M2M Router uses the speed and performance of 4G LTE networks to provide connectivity to a wide variety of M2M applications.

The NTC-140W has the custom capacity needed to adapt to varied M2M implementations; and is a future proof 4G device that ensures a low total cost of ownership and the highest possible rate of return. Robust and intelligent, NetComm NTC-140W provides real-time M2M data connectivity, even in harsh environments.


Vehicle location, remote management, remote industrial connectivity, business continuity, intelligent buildings, remote medical support and emergency response vehicles.


The 4G LTE Category 1 Industrial IoT Router (NTC-220) is a robust, cost-effective device adding value in many applications. Supporting Category 1, the NTC-220 is ideal for those use-case scenarios requiring reliable, yet highly secure connectivity. Its enhanced remote management and software development capabilities enable bespoke applications to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Key Features:

  • 4G LTE Cat 1 (10 Mbps).

  • Software development capability (SDK).

  • Integrated GPS for reliable asset tracking.

  • An Ethernet port, a serial port and software configurable I/O ports for connection flexibility.

  • USB OTG port to connect a local storage device.

  • Ignition sense capability and a wide input voltage range for vehicular applications.

  • Rugged industrial design for harsh environments.

  • Easy and clear LED status display for connection status, connected network type, and connection errors.

  • Remote device configuration, management and firmware upgrade.


Connected elevators/escalators,  smart building systems, vending and ticketing machines, digital signs, access control systems,  surveillance cameras,  traffic lights control, vehicle tracking and monitoring.


NetcommWireless 3G Serial Modem supports data communication via serial port from a wide variety of machines offering reliable performance, universal installation and remote control of telemetry and its environment.

It is a rugged 3G modem that enables wireless data communication and supports SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. It comes equipped with RS-232 serial data connectivity and a USB 2.0 port for the real-time monitoring and control of machines in remote locations.. It offers reliable performance, universal installation and remote control.


Remote industrial connectivity, digital signals, remote control of traffic lights, monitoring of recycling plants, vending machines, ATMs

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