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NetBrain Active Network Automation

NetBrain lntegrated Edition helps prevent outages and reduce time to isolate and diagnose faults.

Administrators can integrate NetBrain’s adaptive automation and dynamic mapping technology into their predefined workflows to streamline troubleshooting, security verification, or design tasks, and to help proactively monitor networks for underlying problems and risk factors.

NetBrain works by building a “digital twin” of the entire network, making all information about its configuration, performance, and flow of traffic easily accessible.

Leveraging this network copy, engineers can map any aspect of the network on-demand and then leverage the Dynamic Map as a single pane of glass to correlate and analyze data across their IT ecosystem. Organizations can further leverage Executable Runbooks to document, share and automate best practices.
NetBrain Integrated Edition

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Network Monitoring Solutions

Network teams need comprehensive visibility and proactive monitoring to maintain optimal operations.

Over time, they have acquired a variety of tools to help them achieve this goal. Today´s network monitoring solutions have moved the industry a step forward in pro-active monitoring but the process of investigating a problem after an alert is raised is still a slow and manual process.

When it comes to network issues, 24×7 monitors identify symptoms but not underlying causes. These solutions let you know that there´s a via dashboards, but even the best dashboards fail to deliver the right level of detail needed for troubleshooting, resulting in time wasted gathering data from many disparate tools.

Network monitoring solution