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Mellanox Onyx (successor to MLNX-OS Ethernet) offers a new level of flexibility and scalability for next-generation data centers and storage, cloud, financial services and the media and entertainment industry. Made with a robust Layer 3 protocol, built for workflow automation, monitoring and visibility tools and with high availability mechanisms, Onyx enables maximum Spine-Leaf scalability deployments and simplifies networking and workflow processes, increasing efficiency and reducing operating expenses and service time.

Onyx provides operations with a broad spectrum of tools for all needs:

  • Scalable installations.
  • Visible and proactive monitoring.
  • Best RDMA in Ethernet Coverage (RoCE).
  • High availability.
  • Total automation.

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Cumulus Linux

 Mellanox offers Cumulus Linux support for the full Spectrum range based on 25, 50 and 100 Gb/s ethernet switches to provide data centers with Web-Scale IT efficiency. This combination results in an OpenEthernet vision and demonstrates the value of open networking and unbundling of software and switches. This allows the customer to choose between the best hardware and software typology according to their specific needs.

Spectrum switches offer significant advantages over the competition. Only Spectrum switches provide Predictable Networks and Zero Packet Loss networks.

Product brief

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