Hard Disk SSD

ZOOstock distributes SSD hard disks, silent, less consumption and vibration and more durable than traditional ones.

The transfer rate is very high and are not affected by magnetism, so it ensures data retention. The transfer speed is three times that of HDD disks and they start an operating system in less than half the time. In fact, if you want to have a much faster computer, its speed makes a PC with a few years go much faster without having to invest in other components. We can improve the performanceof a laptop blatantly only by replacing the drive with a SATA SSD.

Other advantages added to solid state drives are that they are less sensitive to shocks as they have no moving parts, almost inaudible and immune to external vibrations.

A variety of capacities are available: 128 Gb, 256 Gb, 512 Gb, 1 TB and 2 Tb.