ZOOstock Wired for life technologies

ZOOstock  is a distributor of accessories, optical components, fiber optic cables, 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules, 100% compatible equipment, network solutions and networking systems (switching & routing), storage, memories, video conferencing, etc.

Since its inception, it has provided its customers with significant discounts at major network equipment manufacturers such as Routers & Switches Cisco Systems, Lynksys, Brocade, Juniper, 3com, Procurve, Xtreme, Enterasys, Nortel, Alcatel, Huawei, Marconi, HP, etc.

We also have distribution agreements with leading IT companies such as NetCom Wireless, Actelis.

ZOOstock offers its customers the possibility of choosing between a wide variety of switches, routers, firewalls, cabling, transceivers, both new and refurbished, used and EOL; and a significant number of modules that are currently difficult to find on the market, each of them having met strict quality tests. All transceivers are manufactured to the manufacturer’s specifications, allowing for warranty for the entire life of the product with 24-hour replacement.

All material refurbished and supplied from ZOOStock is pre-screened by certified technicians, allowing us to offer a standard one-year warranty at no additional cost and extending the life of the IT assets.

Our clients include the main data processing centers, ISPs, official organizations, educational centers, SMEs, etc.

At all times the customer will have the advice of a specialist who will advise him on his choice of products and help him with any suggestion or doubt.

For years we have been helping clients and reducing the costs of their technological infrastructures, making their experience always positive and having as main objectives their satisfaction, success and commitment.


ZOOstock offers a wide range of warranty and support services to ensure that our customers can make the most of their investment.

We include in our service offer different levels of SLA to satisfy the needs of the client according to the project. Thanks to this flexibility, we can prioritize and develop the most appropriate strategy for the company and free the customer from the manufacturer’s limitations.

We are in continuous improvement and valuation of our services. Performing these measurements is the most valuable aid in increasing quality scores. We are aware that incident resolution has to be fast and effective as our customers have to increase their operational efficiency.

We include in our service offer different levels of SLA to satisfy the needs of the client according to the project. To add value to the service chain we have facilities such as: maintenance, buy back, try&buy, recycling, etc.

ZOOstock offers its customers the best acquisition and leasing strategies to better manage equipment lifecycles. The objective is to give companies access to the highest technology with a cost control adapted to their budget and to the useful life of the equipment without having to own it. Also, the possibility of adding to the renting all related services such as maintenance, insurance, training and software.