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Clevernet: WAN Speed and Security

Clevernet provides a flexible software solution to improve enterprise internet connections. It can operate in multiple scenarios, ranging from: cloud-to-cloud (inter and intra cloud), cloud-to-site and site-to-site.

Clevernet’s core capability is its ability to intelligently route connections to avoid a degraded performance. Clevernet uses AI to understand the numerous routes a WAN connection can take. The software dynamically checks all routes and chooses to take multiple of the best paths, thereby ensuring that performance and security are optimized.

Clevernet’s virtual appliance versatility allows it to be deployed on the cloud or on site. This makes installation easier, not to mention the technology is agnostic to the WAN connection type: public, private or even MPLS, among others.

When an internet user establishes a new connection, that connection is always limited by factors such as latency and packet losses. In addition, the way the internet works, a non-optimized connection is only able to use one path to get to destination. So, when that path has performance problems, that connection if negatively affected.

To mitigate this innate problem, Clevernet has developed its simultaneous multi-path (SMP) connection technology to dynamically reroute traffic via multiple paths away from the poorly performing ones. That is how Clevernet makes enterprise Internet better and can reach WAN speeds of up to 25 times faster.

Clevernet, Internet Made Better

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