Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series of switches is designed to deliver high performance for deployment over campus, data center, WAN, and Metro Ethernet networks. It provides a solid foundation for Borderless Networks so that any user can connect at any time from anywhere.

It has 80 Gbps per slot switching capacity and increased performance thanks to the Cisco Catalyst Virtual Switching System (VSS). It can support up to 360 ports of 10G and 1068 of 1G for VSS systems, 720 Mpps of IPv4 and Ipv6 of 390 Mpps.

Performs end-to-end network virtualization delivery with MPLS technology. Supports admission control devices (NDAC) and variable admission control (EAC).

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cisco routers series 6500 zoostock
  • WS-C6503
  • WS-C6503-E
  • WS-C6503E-S32-10GE
  • WS-C6503E-S32-GE
  • WS-C6503-E-FWM-K9
  • WS-C6504-E
  • WS-C6504E-S32-10GE
  • WS-C6504-E-ACE-K9
  • VS-C6504E-S720-10G
  • WS-C6504E-ACE20-K9
  • WS-C6504-E-WISM
  • WS-C6504E-S32-GE
  • WS-C6504-E-VPN+-K9
  • WS-C6506
  • WS-6506-EXL-FWM-K9