Transceivers are an essential element in the design and start-up of any network architecture. Their purpose is to effectively manage the receipt and transmission of information between the various different data centre nodes.

A transceiver is effectively an integrated circuit that contains both a receiver and transmitter that work in semi-duplex mode, or in other words, alternately. This means that it cannot receive and transmit data at the same time. The most common ones right now are fibre optic transceivers, designed for use with fibre optic cables, but you can find other ones for various different types of cables. There are also different options available with higher or lower data capacity or transfer speeds.

Those most commonly used right now in small and medium-sized optical and Gigabit Ethernet networks are SFP optical transceivers, which are an evolution of the mini GBIC transceivers with ports designed to support SFP fibre optic cables, reaching speeds of between 100 Mbps and 4 Gbps. There is also a high demand for CFP transceivers at the moment, which are most commonly used by large data centres and cloud service providers for powerful WAN, Metro, wireless and remote networks, due to their high transfer speeds of up to 100 Gbps and their long distance of up to 1000 km.

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What is a fibre optic transceiver?

Fibre optics are cables that provide high-speed data transfer and maximum reliability. An SFP transceiver can be single-mode, meaning it only has one input and one output, often fibre optic, or it may be multi-mode, with an SFP port for each kind of cable commonly used in networks.

CFP transceivers, on the other hand, are usually wireless, but they also include multi-mode ports so they can be connected using various different cables and allow any SFP module to be connected to the network. They work with either radio frequency or digital signal transmission and their various speeds and transfer capacities are largely determined by wavelength. An SFP fibre optic transceiver is therefore a single-mode fibre optic transceiver that provides SFP ports to support fibre optic cables.

Fibre optic transceiver modules

When we talk about fibre optic transceiver modules, we’re referring to a box containing a microcircuit that integrates two communication devices capable of receiving and sending information via fibre optic cables, with at least one port designed to support this kind of cable.

Cisco transceivers

The transceivers and switches from Cisco are very popular due to their high quality, durability and efficiency. Some of the models provide sophisticated security systems through the use of intelligent software. You will find all kinds of different connectivity and communication solutions that support Ethernet and Sonet/SDH applications and fibre optics, with a variety of different speeds and distances. Any kind of configuration is possible with this manufacturer who guarantees optimum performance.

One of the key benefits of their offer is the potential for scalability in all kinds of networks, allowing easy integration between different sizes, types and needs. A good example of this is the range of Cisco CWDM transceiver modules that enable the design of fully flexible multi-service networks.

HP Transceivers

One of the major manufacturers in this sector is Hewlett Packard, with a wide range of dual or multi-mode transceivers and fibre optic single-mode transceivers, capable of reaching very long distances. The HP JD103B-XX.XX, DWDM C-Band 100GHz, Dual LC transceivers, for example, can easily reach a distance of 120 km, connecting company networks with data centres.

Alcatel transceivers

We also have the entire Alcatel range in our warehouses for immediate delivery. This manufacturer offers connectivity solutions from 100 m, with the Alcatel 3FE28784AA Copper Rj45 transceiver, to tens of kilometres, as with the Alcatel SFP-GIG-XXWDM60 1270nm-1610nm Dual LC transceiver, which can reach up to 80 km.

DELL Transceivers

Another major manufacturer that offers these kinds of communication technology products is Dell. Their range of transceivers offers a variety of excellent solutions for every need. Their most popular product, due to its excellent value for money, is the Dell 407-BBOP SFP+ Dual LC transceiver, with a distance of 10 km.

Huawei transceivers

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei offers a range of transceivers with excellent potential. Their biggest seller is the Huawei SFP-10G-T-HUW SFP+ Copper Rj45 transceiver, with a distance of 30 m.

Juniper transceivers

Last but not least we have the Juniper product range. Their range of short and medium-distance transceivers is particularly impressive, with great performance at a reasonable price.

You can find an enormous range of products within the transceiver category right now. The competition to launch the best designs on the market and provide the most network features ends up being highly beneficial for consumers.

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