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Huawei transceivers are a guarantee of reliability. This Chinese brand has broken through into the world of telecommunications and network creation with quality products at a reasonable price. They are one of the most prominent suppliers right now and you should consider them when looking for transceivers for your networks.

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The best transceivers from Huawei

This Chinese company is well-known for offering a wide range of technological products, such as mobile phones and high quality electronic components at a good price. This is one of the company’s key characteristics and has enabled them to win over a large number of loyal consumers in just a few years. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting transceiver models on offer.

Huawei OMXD30000 Transceiver

The OMXD30000 is a transceiver module with an 850 nm wavelength that provides a maximum distance of 300 metres on multi-mode fibre. It has either 10GBase-SR or 10GBASE-SW with a data transmission rate of 10 gigabytes per second, and a plug and play system for connecting to different devices.

It’s compatible with Huawei 10 gigabyte Ethernet switches, routers, network adapters, firewalls and numerous other network devices. It’s an optical transceiver with digital monitoring, which enables comprehensive diagnostics to be carried out on the system. The format of these transceivers from Huawei is SFP+ and the type of fibre they use is MMF. Their optimum operating temperature is from 0 to 70 ºC, providing a fairly wide margin for working safely.

Huawei OSX010000 transceiver

This is a high-performance SFP+ 10 Gigabit module for fibre optics. It can be installed in Huawei switches and routers that are compatible with the transceiver module. It has been tested successfully with various different Huawei switches and routers, so optimum performance is guaranteed at all times. This model enables you to update or add ports to 10GBase-LR network equipment.

This single-mode SFP transceiver provides a data transmission rate of 10 gigabytes per second, a wavelength of 1310 nm and a maximum distance of 10 kilometres. It allows hot plugging without any service interruption or the need to restart systems. It is also compatible with digital diagnostic monitoring. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to expand your network to remote segments.

Huawei SFP-GE-LX Transceiver

This is without a doubt one of the most important Huawei transceivers to take into account. It’s 100% compatible with other Huawei products, including switches, routers, NIC, Ethernet media converters and other network devices. It also works perfectly with devices from other brands, so you won’t have any problems when combining them.

The maximum distance of this single-mode SFP is 10 kilometres, its data transmission rate is 1.25 gigabytes per second and it’s designed to provide continuous performance. It allows hot plugging, so there’s no need to restart the system and the network won’t drop. As such, should one transceiver fail, it can be replaced as quickly as possible. In addition to all this, it has an operating temperature range of 0 to 70 ºC and optical digital monitoring for performing comprehensive diagnostics. It should also be noted that it is compatible with WDM bi-directional technology.

Why choose Huawei?

Huawei’s constant search for innovation, open collaboration and determination to provide a competitive product range has led them to create innovative products that satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers. Their objective is to bring digital services to every home and to provide network solutions that meet the needs of companies.

This company is currently one of the pioneers in the use of 5G networks, a technology that promises even faster networks with less latency and simpler structures. So, if you’re looking for a company of the future, Huawei is the way to go.

Accordingly, one of the key focuses of their research and development is specifically in the area of data handling. As we are producing more and more data, we are looking for solutions capable of storing and providing access to thousands of gigabytes of information. The speed in which we transmit said data is also crucial, which is why this Chinese company is constantly innovating along these lines to provide reliable and competitive solutions. A good example of this are the transceivers from Huawei, which provide an excellent service at a very competitive price.

The transceivers from Huawei stand out particularly for their reliability and large capacity. They can be mounted in Huawei branded products, but also in products from other companies without losing any of their features. Their SFP modules make expanding your network more affordable and they are simple to maintain as the receivers can be hot-swapped. This is a big plus for the company.

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