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The transceivers from Dell offer reliability, excellent value for money and exceptional service and attention to detail. If you’re looking for a transceiver to boost your network, this brand offers some of the best solutions. You will have no trouble finding the one that best suits your needs, but we would recommend looking into some of their SFP transceivers in particular.

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Dell GP-SFP2-1S transceiver

The GP-SFP2-1S is an SFP transceiver (small form factor pluggable) that provides a 1000Base-SX transmission capacity of up to 550 metres via multi-mode fibre and a wavelength of 850 nanometres. The maximum data transmission rate is 1 Gbps, the fibre optic connector is LC and it’s compatible with Dell switches and routers, as well as those from other brands.

It’s designed to guarantee smooth and hassle-free network integration. It also conforms with MSA standards and can be installed very easily, both cold and hot. In addition to all this, it’s also capable of exceeding product specifications or working in accordance with them, depending on your needs at any moment. As such, with this transceiver Dell are offering a reliable product that can fully adapt to your needs, whatever the circumstances.

Dell GP-SFP2-1Z Transceiver

This SFP transceiver is designed for 1000Base-ZX Gigabit Ethernet and 1G Fibre Channel applications. It has been tested with equipment for Force10 networks, Ethernet switches, routers, NIC (network interface cards) and other similar products. It complies with MSA standards for ensuring effective integration with the network, so you will have no problems when connecting it, hot or cold.

It’s designed to support 70 kilometre cables at a wavelength of 1550 nanometres with an LC connector, and provides a data transmission rate of 1 Gbps. It has optical digital monitoring, which guarantees that you can perform comprehensive diagnostics at any time. Finally, as with many other Dell transceivers, it operates smoothly between temperatures of 0 and 70 ºC.

Dell GP-SFP2-1Y-BXD Transceiver

As with the previous product, this transceiver has been tested on Force10 networks, is compatible with GP-SFP2-1Z and provides excellent performance. Its wavelength is 1550 nanometres with an LC connector, and it supports a maximum distance of 80 kilometres. As with other transceivers, its data transmission rate is 1.25 Gbps. It can also be hot plugged without causing any interruption to the service.

It’s one of the best Dell transceivers that can be found on the market, and at a great price. It is very easy to install thanks to its plug and play system, which allows it to be connected and disconnected in no time at all. Its supply voltage is also ideal.

Why trust in Dell?

Dell is one of the leading brands in the technology sector. This position in the market was only made possible due to their investment in innovation and their constant search for talent. The objective of this American company is to contribute to the progress of mankind through technological solutions. They are also committed to offering their products to a wide audience, which is why fair but competitive prices are one of the brand’s trademarks.

One of the company’s values is success with integrity, without leaving those people behind who, after all is said and done, enable Dell to keep moving forward. This is why the brand tries so hard to maintain a good relationship with its customers, who are key to the success and reliability of its products.

Transparency and integrity are therefore two fundamental values that guide them to market products that are competitive, appealing and that provide their customers with value. Something they would never be able to achieve without their unwavering commitment to innovation. This factor is crucial, particularly in a world where we are becoming more and more dependent on technology and constant optimisation and progress.

These values help to transform all of those organisations who place their trust in the brand’s products. They enable us to boost our networks and obtain excellent components and high-quality computers. The customer’s opinion is also very important to Dell, as feedback enables them to improve their products, benefitting consumers as much as it does the company. If you’re looking for high quality and reliable components at a good price, Dell is one of the brands that should always be at the forefront of your mind.

As we have seen, Dell transceivers offer a variety of excellent features. We offer a wide selection of their products, including all the best models, which all come with performance guarantees. For just a small investment and minimal effort, these transceivers will help you give your networks a significant boost. And you will also be supported by one of the leading companies in the sector.

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