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Albentia Systems is the Spanish leading provider of Broadband Wireless solutions.

Develop IEEE802.16-based innovative solutions for Access and Backhauling applications.


ARBA ACCESS: Point to multipoint wireless access for ISPs

Range of equipment designed for broadband radio access operators, aimed at providing Internet connectivity, telephony and video transmission (Triple-play) to residential and corporate customers in networks point-multipoint. It is designed to work in highly interfered environments.

Applications: rural broadband access, internet services, VoIP, corporate access, videoconferencig, extension of fiber optic networks, IPTV and smart-metering.

ARBA Access product catalogue


ARBA LINK: Professional solutions point to point

Point-point solutions that cover all kinds of needs, can be used as simple wireless bridges or as backhaul systems of cellular networks or WiMAX access, corporate access radiolinks, or even professional video transportlinks.

Applications: corporate access, backhaul for cellular and access networks, video transmission, professional applications, wireless bridges.

ARBA link product catalogue


ARBA PRO: Professional solutions point to multipoint

This equipment delivers real capacities of 35Mbps in 10MHz with guaranteed traffic per terminal, while assuring a highly efficient use of the spectrum and strong security levels. Such advantages make ARBA pro the perfect solution for all industry sectors, including advanced security and corporate connectivity applications.

Applications : video surveillance and CCTV, traffic control, mining and industry, Oil&Gas, guaranteed corporate connectivity, extension of fiber optic networks, mobile broadband services, broadband connectivity for watercraft.

ARBA Pro product catalogue

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