North American company based in Silicon Valley, is a leader and specialist in high performance copper solutions. Its technology makes copper a strategic asset that gets more bandwidth in more places quicker and cheaper than fiber and safer and more reliably than many wireless technologies.

By making broadband over copper a cost-effective alternative to fiber networks, Actelis also provides a seamless future migration path to fiber when and where it is needed.

Its solutions are implemented in fixed and mobile telecommunication operators, intelligent traffic, MAN (mere ethernet in metropolitan area networks), educational campuses, industrial service networks, pipelines, railway networks, aviation, military environments, etc.

  • Solutions in telecommunications operators: DSL networks optimized backhaul DSLAM, backhauling of small cells and WiFi base stations, providing Business Ethernet to SMEs.
  • Business Ethernet Solutions : enables service providers to offer lucrative high speed Ethernet services to small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are demanding reliable, high speed Ethernet access and Cloud services. Read more.
  • Intelligent Traffic Solutions: allow sufficient bandwidth to all hard-to-reach locations in the metro and motorway network, interconnecting the growing number of cameras, controllers, sensors, electronic signals, meters, etc. Read more.
  • Educational Campus Solutions: include surveillance cameras, WiFi backhaul, point-to-point Ethernet for school access, bandwidth distribution from data centers to labs, temporary classrooms, dormitories, etc. Read more.
  • Industry solutions: for connectivity and security applications for substation meters, railway train control, ground WiFi communications for work equipment, surveillance and telemetry of pipeline installations, airport signaling, electronic runway signaling and surveillance and a variety of applications for military bases. Read more.
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  • EADs (Actelis Ethernet Access Devices): compact, high-performance CE (Carrier Ethernet) access/transport platforms that enable service providers and enterprises to offer high bandwidth, low-delay, multiple copper pairs to their customers and facilities. ML230, ML530, ML620, ML640, ML650, ML680, ML680, ML680, , ML740. Data sheet.
  • IoT Solutions: The ML600Dx family offers industrial Ethernet switches for harsh environments. They offer high bandwidth in a minimum size with front access and easy mounting in any condition.
  • Actelis VDSL: The Actelis ML700 family of Ethernet over linked VDSL/ADSL products enables delivery of hundreds of Mbps over very long distances, extending your Ethernet over copper and carrying capacity services beyond the fiber installation. Ideal for business services, high-speed backhaul for mobile services, WiFi and residential broadband. Remote VDSL installation can use Actelis compact enclosures with flexible power options that simplify installations.
  • BBD: Actelis bandwidth amplifiers are digitally controlled analog amplifiers that are easy to set up and low cost. They represent a significant improvement in the distance and bandwidth capacity of services over DSL of more than one pair in a residential environment. It can also be used to improve the performance of 2, 4 or 8 pairs of MPE over copper links for business services and WiFi.BBAs increase the distance and speed of DSL services and the effective size of the DSLAM digital service area so that higher levels of customer service are achieved, more customers are reached with broadband and can coexist with other services in a pair, such as POTS (traditional telephone service) and are compatible with various vectors and links.

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