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3P Design products are aimed at computer cable professionals with the idea of providing them with ideas that are simple, functional, reliable and quick to install.

Their solutions have more than 10 million products installed worldwide in 40 countries and 5 continents, 25 equipped cable zones every day and more than 45,000 professional users and millions of people who benefit from the diverse solutions in their product portfolio.

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Instant identification from one end of the cable to the other by luminous display.

The main mission of the CPDs, server rooms and patch cabinets is the availability of services. However, its management is becoming more and more complicated due to its continuous evolution. Whether for planned maintenance operations or emergencies, every intervention has to be fast and secure.

With the PatchSee solution they now have a unique technology that allows them to quickly identify computer connections and strategic links during network management. With more than 7 million units already installed in the world, the PatchSee solution is imposed by its obvious results. Compatible with all installed materials, it offers incredible simplicity, security and speed during maintenance and repair operations of CPDs, server rooms, racks…

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The RJ45 cables will always have the perfect length in your premises.

This is proven by studies: 99.9% of the time in an office, the ideal length of an RJ45 cable is between 1 and 5 meters. DESKPATCH is a 5 metre RJ45 cable combined with an ingenious cable guard. Discover a new way to enjoy your connections: with DESKPATCH, you can finally connect your computer to the network socket by adapting the length of the cable to meet your requirements and organize the office based on your needs.

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Stick, take off, re-stick everything you want and…as many times as you want!

ID-SCRATCH is the most intelligent and easy-to-use fastening system on the market.

It is supplied with a dispenser with a 2.5-meter-long and 2 cm wide roll that can be cut without any tool. Available in four colours, it sticks and peels more than a thousand times, with a tensile strength of up to 10 kg, usable underwater, non-corruptible, etc. It can be cut without a tool, manually every 3 cm.

In addition to applications in the environment of networks and systems, ID-SCRATCH has countless uses not only in other equipment but also in sports, travel, home, car, electricity, camping, etc.

ID-SCRATCH has a “Lumiere” award for innovation.

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Agility and protection in signaling the cables of your network applications.

PATCHCLIP is a cable clip that helps to manage cables with different colors and lengths.

It is a flexible and economical solution that guarantees at all times the arrangement of an RJ45 cable with the desired length and colour.

  • Removable clips for quick and easy changes of the wiring signaling system for RJ45.
  • 16 colors available for effective wiring signaling and comprehensive identification of network applications.
  • Protects the tab of the RJ45 connector and facilitates access (by simply pressing the tab) to the RJ45 in harsh environments (high port density, accessibility conditions, etc.).
  • The PATCHCLIP colour chart facilitates, in a practical, simple and innovative way, the location and management of cabling by means of a customizable self-adhesive plate to be placed in cabinets and electrical panels in order to manage their colour codes.
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Comprehensive security to the end of your connections.

Thanks to PLUGCAP the whole socket is perfectly protected until its final connection. Entirely designed to protect integrally the most sensitive part of the ethernet cable.

It consists of a plastic body to completely cover the RJ45 cable socket, provided with a ring that allows the network cable to be extended.

Experience shows: 9 out of 10 times the damage of the plastic sheeting of the RF45 plugs is the cause of the malfunction of a wiring network. As a result, the contacts of the plugs no longer descend between the sheets, or worse, the RJ45 plug can permanently damage the mains socket and, in this case, a new one should be rewired!

This is even more true during your computer cabling operations: at reconnection, as the sockets are even more vulnerable during installation and disassembly or when passing through the false floor, ceiling, cable tray, with a long network cable. As far as the RJ45 sockets are concerned they are more and more fragile in their 10 Gb versions.

PLUGCAP, the best prevention.

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